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This rehearsal room, although one of our smaller rooms, is still big enough to handle a five piece band comfortably. It comes fully equipped with a kit, bass combo and 2 quality guitar combos. If you prefer to choose your own amps, then for an extra cost you can select from our backline list.  It is suitable for up to 4 vocal mics, but if you need to put keyboards or backing tracks through the PA then maxi would be a better choice. Cymbals in this room are an extra cost.

This music studio benefits from exactly the same acoustic treatment as its bigger sisters. (Wheel chair (NO STEP) access and shower provided. Storage available. Full range of backline hire available. All prices exclude VAT. Acoustic treatment by Blackbox. Acoustic design by Recording Architecture.)

If you would prefer something bigger, take a look at maxi. Please phone for rates 0207 833 3375

PA Speakers   Yamaha front of house and foldback - 2 monitor mixes, 1.8k rig
Desk   Soundcraft Spirit FX16, groups 1/ aux 3
Outboard   Lexicon digital fx, Behringer EQ (4 bands), one touch recording
Extras   digitally linked for audio and video, music stand
Features   window, airconditioning, ventilation, FREE wifi
Size   8m by 5.5m(widest)/3.5m(narrowest) (ceiling height average 3m)/24ft x 16.5ft/10.5ft (9ft)  360 sqft 34sqm
Permanent equipment   Pearl Export kit,  bass amp, 2 guitar amps, 2 vocal mics (additional vocal mics at no extra cost)
Optional extra   Cymbals can be added for £4 plus vat per session
    Mini Ultra
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