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The mini room comes fully equipped with a kit, bass amp and 2 guitar amps, vocal pa and 2 mics.  It is an exceptionally comfortable room for its size, and Recording Architecture's acoustic treament means that it sounds great.  We doubt you will find another room of this size with air con, natural light and ventilation that sounds this good anywhere! Please note there is an extra charge for cymbals. Please phone for rates 0207 8333375

If you would prefer something bigger take a look at our Mini Ultra or Maxi studios.

PA Speakers      600watt pa with yamaha foh, 2 vocal mics as standard

Soundcraft FX16 ,groups 1, 3 aux

Fx   Alesis microverb 4, EQ Alesis meq 31

Includes kit, bass amp, 2 guitar combos and 2 vocal mics

Extras   music stand
Features   3 windows, ventiallation, air con, FREE wifi
Size   24 sq/m 260 sq ft

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