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Bands are charged using a week numbering system. Week One starts on the first Monday of the week in which the 1st of January appears in each year. Bands pay a pre arranged fee for storage for each week number. The smallest time unit charge for any band is one week, the only exception being when a band is on a lockout system, or is rehearsing on several consecutive days in a row.

The service:

The system we have at The Joint can include a roadying and storage service.  This is dependent on your storage agreement. When you store with us you can arrange for us to put your gear in the room for you. We also take it out of the room for you, and put it away in locked storage bays. The idea is to save the band time so that you can take as much advantage of rehearsal time as possible. We do however ask the band to pack their gear away properly and safely at the end of their rehearsal so that we can move it around without risk to the gear. This means for example that we ask you to put leads in bags and fold up the legs on kickdrums if you don't have cases.

Keeping track:

Because of the volume of equipment traffic in and out of the building, we have very strict proceedures in order to keep track of every item of band equipment stored at The Joint. It is therefore, the bands responsibility to let Joint staff know about what gear they are taking in or out of the building in the form of a written list which they sign out of the storage bay.

When a band is lending gear to a friend or asking someone who we dont know to do a collection please advise Joint staff in advance so that we know to allow the gear to leave the building. We need a description and name, and some private information such as date of birth to help us ensure that your gear is safe.


The Joint is 2 minutes walk from King's Cross station, and is outside the congestion charge zone. Drivers with splitters or any large lorry can load in and out through our new loading bay on Leeke Street, with advanced warning.

Opening hours:

The Joint is open from 10am through to 11.30pm every day of the week, except for Christmas week and the New Year. Other exceptions may include bank holidays. Clients may collect and deliver gear anytime within our opening hours. It is, however, extremely helpful if clients let us know when they will be moving gear so that we can plan our storage accordingly.

24 hour access:

We offer a free 24 hour access storage facility.  You provide us with a unique pin number which we program into our entry system.  This enables you to access the facility.  If you are picking up equipment outside our opening hours you simply put your equipment in the store and pick it up at your leisure .  If you are dropping off equipment between the hours of 11pm on one day and 10am the next, provided you return to put the equipment away by noon there is no charge.  If you wish us to put the equipment away costs start at £10 plus VAT.


We have 2 storage systems. You can either have exclusive use of a cage or bay or you can share a cage and take advantage of the reduced cost of itemised storage. This means we can cater for almost any need. Prices start at £3.50 . Please email for more details.


As soon as a band begins to store gear at The Joint it is understood that a contract has been formed as per our terms and conditions.

If your band's needs are not answered by our system, please contact us. We are adaptable and can usually find a way to help you with long or short term storage.

For more information, please see the storage section of our FAQ page.

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