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Equipment Hire

Backline is available for hire both to use in the studios and to take away from the building for gigs (in most instances). We have an small but extensive range of equipment comprising names such as Ampeg, Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Fender, Premier, Ludwig, Korg and Zildjian. Transport can be arranged via a courier company.

We also have a small PA ready to go for outside hire. If you are interested in any other items of equipment such as microphones, di boxes, leads, and any larger PA systems, prices are available upon request.

All equipment is regularly checked, maintained and serviced. The Joint minimum outside hire period is one day. So long as gear is returned before noon of the following day (regardless of when it is collected) then only one day hire is charged. After noon will incur a further half day hire fee. Any hire over 4 days in one 7 day week is charged at 4 days.

We are constantly updating and acquiring new gear. Please look at the offers and news for any new items in. We can get hold of almost anything for you with enough notice.

For more information, please see the backline section of our FAQ page.

Prices available on enquiry. 


Guitars, amps and speakers

Fender combo: twin (vintage 1968/69)

Fender combo: hot rod deville 4x10 (2008)

Fender combo: deluxe hot rod (1997)

Fender combo: deluxe VM (2010)

Fender combo: deluxe blues (2010)

Fender combo: super 112

Marshall head: 30th anniversary vintage (with cab)

Marshall head: silver jubilee vintage (with cab)

Marshall head: jcm900 dual reverb (with cab)

Marhsall head: jcm800 split reverb (with cab)

Marshall head: jcm800 mk2 (with cab)

Marshall combo: jcm900 dual reverb

Marshall speaker cabs: jcm800, jcm900 x2, 1982

Peavey combo: 130 special

Vox AC30SS

Line 6

Guitar: Fender sun

Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul

Guitar: Squire

Acoustic guitar: Yamaha

Bass guitar: Fender Jazz

Bass guitar: Yamaha Fretless

Bass guitar: Tokai (Japanese)


Bass, amps and speakers

Ampeg SVT 3 amp (with 8 x 10" cab)  
Ampeg BR5 (with 8x10" cab)

Marshall Bass valve amp - JMP MKII Super Bass 100W (with 2 cabs:1 x4x10" w. tweeter and 1x15")

Marshall Bass valve amp - JMP MkII super Bass 100W (with 2 cabs: 2 x 4 x10")

Trace Elliot AH250 amp (with 2 cabs: 2x10"+tweeter, and 1 x18")

Trace Elliott GP7 (with 1 cab: 1x18" and 1 x 10")

Trace Elliot combo: gp12 series (with graphic eq), 4x10" speaker

Fender combo: BXR 300

Peavey Black Widow combo: 9 band graphic EQ, 15" speaker, with compressor

Laney combo: 4 x10", graphic eq

Marshall bass combo, 15" speaker

Ampeg SVT 8x10 speaker

Trace Elliot 1x18" with 1x10" speaker cab

CPA 4x10 speaker cab


Drums (all kits include hardware/stool)

Ludwig 1 (cherry red) 5 piece pro kit 22” kick drum

Ludwig 2 (ice blue) 5 piece pro kit 22” kick drum

Ludwig 3 (sunburst orange) 5 piece pro kit 20” kick drum

Yamaha Stage Custom 5 piece pro kit 20" kick drum

Premier APK 5 piece power kit 22" kick drum

Pearl DLX 4 piece jazz kit 18" kick drum, piccolo snare

Pearl Export 5 piece, 22" kick, piccolo snare

Exclusively for outside hire: Pearl Export 1983 Cherry, 22x18", 16x16", 12x10", 13x11",14x12", snare 14x6.5" coated (Tama Artwood Maple Series with mighty hoops) comes with Shaw throne, saddle back x 1, Shaw hardware K class boom stand x 3, hi hat stand x 1, snare stand x 1, singel bass drum pedal x 1, tom arms x 2, drum carpet  


Cymbals (for full details please call) 

Pro plus plus set 20" ride, 16"crash, 18" crash, 14" hi hats

Pro plus set 20"ride, 16" crash, 18"crash, 13" hi hats

Pro set 20"ride, 16" crash,18"crash, 14" hi hats

Regular 1 set 20"ride, 16" crash, 14" hi hats

Drum extras 

Hardware Cymbal stands, kick pedals, drum stool, hi hat stand

Full hardware set  

Yamaha custom snare drum 8" x 14" ,birchwood, super hoops

Yamaha Stage custom 6" x 14"

Ludwig snare (accent cs custom) x3 6" x 14"

Pearl piccolo snare Free floating snare, maple drum, 4" x 14"

Pearl piccolo snare Free floating snare, brass drum, 4" x 14"

Export/ Mapex snare 7" x 14"


Keyboards(amp)/synth/modules (midi outputs can be connected to USB ports using special cable £2 per session) 

Kawai mid grand acoustic piano - use in Yellow studio only

Schroeder upright piano - use in all upstairs rooms - minimum cost per session:

Korg sp250 88 weighted keys, midi/metronome/tempo (on board amp)

Korg sp280 88 weighted keys, midi/metronome/tempo (on board amp)

Korg sp200, weighted keys, mini/metronome/tempo

Roland keyboard amp: KC 500 stereo mixing




Recording and playback formats

CD player

Ipod dock recorder - Belkin

Booking Enquiry

or call us on 0207 833 3375